China Dynasty Tours provides different languages speaking tours guides / interpreters : English, French, Spanish, German, Italian, etc… Our guides, through their passion and unique perspectives, will provide travellers with memories that they will cherish for a lifetime.

Lola ZHANG Beijing
Jacques SHEN Beijing
Thanks to my knowledge, your trip will be for you a cultural enjoyment. Share with me the joys of living during your...
Roland LUO Beijing
Professional guide for China. Our country is huge, friendly, welcoming. Here we are waiting for you.
Coucou ZHANG Beijing
Licensee of French literature at Beijing University, has worked since 1985 in China Regional receptive. He is also...
Séverine DU Beijing
Victor FAN Beijing
A boy always expects your orderRemember a cliché, VICTOR = Your Imperssionnant Circuit squeezed Very Lovely and Proud...
WU Shanshan Shanghai
Zhuxing LI Beijing
Competent, 30 years of experience working in tourism. License of the Foreign Language University.
Alex SHEN Beijing
I was three and a half years in France for my studies in tourism and hospitality at the University of Perpignan. Beings...