Jacques SHEN

Thanks to my knowledge, your trip will be for you a cultural enjoyment. Share with me the joys of living during your stay in China.



Dear Jacques

Dear Jacques,

I still have in mind so many images that I can not focus. But in this expansion, I care, unalterable, sympathy felt our contact throughout the stay in your country. Catherine said as we started the selection of books (I have not yet found idea and "Jacques the Fatalist" ...), which I hope will interest you and will provide an opportunity for fruitful strange.

Deeply your response and very friendly,

Philippe Henry

Hi Jacque

Hi Jacques,

I am glad to hear from you and I hope you enjoy these books!



Hi Jacque

Dear Jacques,

Here three months now that we have this wonderful journey in your country, we still have in mind all these beautiful pictures and fun meetings we made is intact.
I hope you are well, you may have a little less work now, there must be fewer tourists ...
As we had promised we send you books in French: Stendhal, Verlaine, Balzac ... but can you give us a link or send?

While waiting for you, and hoping one day to see us, I wish you a good day ... and future good reading,
                                               With all my friendship
                                                                                                                                          Catherine Henry