Marie LI

Graduted of the University of Foreign Languages ​​Beijing No. 1 in 1983. English speaking guide since 1995, I did a lot of knowledge with tourists speaking, I have many friends in France, which allows me to go see them from time to time.
I love France, its civilization, culture, cuisine and its people. The experience of my travels in France helped me a lot in my work and reduces the distance with tourists when I'm with them. They appreciate my professionalism, my knowledge, my humor, my smile and my services naturally.
I want Francophone tourists spend a good pleasant stay in China and keep good memories through my efforts, it will make them want to come back or do good advertising for China with their friends.
Long live the friendship fraiçaise-cino.




Looking for Ms. Li

I'm Part of Sautereau Xavier and I contact you because I am looking for a contact person who guided us through Beijing in April 2010.
We were 3 couples (Sautereau Part of Martin and Forray) with 6 children (Paul, Thais, Baptist, Alexis, Olivia, Emeric) and our guide was called Mrs. Li
(attached a photo)
My family and I live in Beijing and I now wish to resume contact Ms. Li
Would you have her address?
Thanking you in advance.
Xavier's Sautereau Share

Paris-Beijing travel

We wish to thank our guide Marie LI for the quality of his work. Our group leader has done on behalf of all members.
her smile, her kindness, her good humor made ​​us stay in better living.

Her comments and information were varied, always interesting and documented.

She was able to combine both the desire to follow the schedule of visits and the reorganization of the schedule based on weather forecasts, which allowed us to see the Great Wall at the best possible moment, before the snow. She was also able to organize and conduct a second visit to the Forbidden City, for those who, like us, had forfeited, due to snow and cold rain.

It has always been attentive to the desires of each individual, which helped to combine all scheduled visits and their personal desires and specific.

It has always make the best decisions at the right time, to allow all to make the most of this short stay in Beijing.
Thank you Marie!


Liliane Clopper and Gerard PEITER

A good trip

thank you for your presence, your availability and your efficiency I remember the ride in the mountains, when the mist lifted a dream I hope you have the pleasure of "control" in versailles


Good memories

Subject: Travel in China
Date: Mon, March 26, 2012 9:19:22 p.m. 0200

We will send a little hello from France and Salelles our small village north of Montpellier. Our stay in China has left us good memories.
Your patience and your devotion have a lot to smile, thank you. If one day you have friends or you plan to come in France we are ready to
Our small cottage as you did .... Again thank you for your dedication.
Peter and Mary.

beautiful circuit

Date: Thu, 29 Mar 2012 17:26:26 +0200

Subject: Remerciements

We want to once again thank Mary for the beautiful track that introduced us to his kindness and smile during our stay in China.

Jean Marie, Christiane MEYER

A wonderful journey

Hey, Marie

We had a wonderful trip with you, thanks to your kindness and your efficiency, we are glad to have you known me and Nicole.
We want to hear from you from time to time,
Here everything going well, the weather is beautiful, and we hope that you too fine.
Here are some pictures from memory.

Nicole and Antonio

two wonderful weeks

Date: Sun, 26 Aug 2012 11:20:13 p.m. 0200

Dear Mary,

I wanted to thank you for two wonderful weeks we spent in China, during which you explained and discover your beautiful country. We keep an excellent memory of this trip was for us full of discoveries and teachings. I started to sort thousands of photos that Denis has taken on different sites to make an album and a video and send you one with you and Alma was taken on the site of the temple of heaven. Alma is still in Germany with her cousin and will return Friday to head back to school next week.
Big kisses from Paris


thank you to you for your good humor and your availability

Date: Sun, 22 Jul 2012 8:49:09 p.m. 0200
Hello Mary,
I hope you are well, we have seen the information flooding in Beijing ... this is awesome! We hope that this has not led you to personal difficulties.
We are back and life goes ....
We have beautiful pictures .... full of great memories and beautiful images in our memories.
We are excited about our trip and the children really enjoyed all the sites ...
Again thank you to you for your good humor and your availability that have made this trip a very pleasant and endearing side.

Good to you.

Valerie & Tristan.
EN PJ: a nice photo!

she is always very good care of us

From: marie-christine Bonnici
Sent: Thursday, August 16, 2012 2:51 PM
Subject: travel

Madame, Monsieur here is a week since we returned from China and my husband moi.nous have made ​​the trip from July 26 to August 8 was Hong Kong to Beijing, everything went very well for us and we will keep good memories of our vacation, our national guide in Beijing Canton was Mary Li, she is always very good care of us, very politely


cordially marie christine Bonnici