Sophie XIAO

I am a kind and friendly professional guide. I love to travel and share travel experiences with you. Your trip to China accompanied by me, you would not worry.



Our stay in China with Sophie guide

Hello everyone,
We wanted to tell you that we return to France pleased with the trip to China that we have done with your body.
We were accompanied throughout the visit by Sohie (Xiao Xiao) and were very pleased with his performance.
She was kind, attentive to everyone and opened our eyes to the history of Chinese civilization.

She also faced a major problem since one of the participants was stolen papers. Thanks to his intervention and professionalism, this gentleman was able to recover its preliminary papers before returning to France.

Again congratulations and a big thank you to Sophie!

Good day and cordial greetings.

Helen and George Duprez

Travel in China

We have to make a trip to China by you.
We just express our satisfaction with the sites and
proposed. visits
The accommodation was very good (a little less Xi'an)
The food was excellent.
A special mention to our guide Sophie has always
was efficient, courteous, friendly, smiling .... and very patient.

Maurice and Marie France Pessey

Thanks for Sophie


My husband and I would like to thank the agency for organizing our trip and especially our lovely guide Sophie Xiao for all she has done for our trip was a success. Always available and smiling she made ​​us discover this beautiful country in a very professional and very friendly way.

We remember fondly our stay in China!

Sophie thank you very much and congratulations to all the knowledge that you sent us.

Montse and David TOWER

Message for Sophie

Hello Sophie,
I think it is important to express that which is positive.
I wanted to thank you for this discovery of your country.
You were the sunshine of our trip and you have contributed to its success.
Always attentive to our listening, very professional.
Do we sign if you come in FRANCE.
I have attached some pictures.
Sincerely, Marie Line and Mario

A very pleasant stay

Date: 09/11/2012 5:22 p.m.
Topic: for Sophie Xiao
Hello Sophie,
We are back in France after a very pleasant stay which allowed us to discover some mythical places of China forever. Again thank you for your support throughout this journey with the "Friends of Fabienne" ...
Yours !

Babeth and Jean-Claude VALEMBOIS

Our trip was at best

From: Fabienne LAUDE
Sent: Thursday, August 23, 2012 10:08 PM
Subject: thanks


I organized the August 10 to 21 to 32 friends a circuit in your country ... ...

I just returned from our thank you for your services. Our trip was at best: comfortable hotels, transport, no loss of time to optimize our visits. We particularly appreciated the baggage handling highly effective.

Our general guide Sophie Xiao has contributed to the success of this trip by his willingness and kindness. She was eager to please and to manage our system that we are delighted. Thank you to her, local guides and all those who made us appreciate the discovery of your country.

Fabienne LAUDE

the first time we have a guide of this quality

Subject: Report from our visit to China from May 20 to June 2, 2012

Good morning.
It is with great satisfaction that we just returned from a trip to China.
I want to you to pass our congratulations to our national guide who accompanied us from Beijing to Guangzhou.
This is Sophie Xiao with a professionalism and kindness copies.
Always ready to listen to us about the best and we give the best advice.
I myself had need of his services on the day of our arrival in Beijing. That night we had some free time and my wife was hit by a vehicle on the roadway. Fortunately before leaving she had left us his card with his contact information to
they can be contacted if necessary.
She ran immediately and coordinated emergency ambulance transfer to hospital to undergo military radios, etc. Care ... Without his help we would have never known our understanding of Beijingers.
It is with sadness that we left Friday morning in Canton. She had a tear in his eye when she saw her group from the boarding lounge. His behavior at this time shows how much she was sincere.
We made several trips to Italy, Egypt, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, California, Thailand is the first time we have a guide of this quality.
It deserves attention and I sincerely hope it will make a big career in tourism.
Agnes and JC Mauconduit