Thanks from France

Hello Leo,
I give you this little mail to tell you that we arrived safely in France.
I come in the name of the group and Lili, thank you for all that you did for us.
We really enjoyed all the explanations you gave us on your land is beautiful.
We thank you again for taking care of us and our patients.
Thank you for Robert with whom you stayed in the hospital for the last day because it reassured us know that you were with him.
We made sure to have a wheelchair each flight stopover for him because, as walking was a challenge for him knowing that he could not breathe well.
Yesterday we arrived home, his wife take him to the hospital so he could continue to receive treatment.
Here, I'll let you rest until you have a new group.
Not forgetting that if you come to France, we will serve our turn to guide you to discover our region.
Good luck and thank you again.


Hello Leo,
We wish to renew our sympathy and thanks for being with us during this second trip to China. In fact, with few exceptions, we had the impression of a discovery as things have changed ... and it's good for you. You are an excellent professional and thanks to you, your organization without reproach, we keep excellent memories of this trip and that is exactly what we said at the Paris office. We also appreciated your calm, your kindness. In short, thank you again and again!
We renew our invitation to you receive from us. We no longer have our apartment in Paris but our house is only 50 kms from Paris by train and we are 50 minutes (or 30 minutes direct) and the ticket allows you to travel to Paris all day. So it's easy.
We leave our apartment in the mountain 3 times a year: at Christmas / New Year (about 2 weeks) in March (about 3 weeks) and longer summer / autumn from mid-August to late October. Outside these times we are there in principle. But if you come, let us know what would be the period and will be organized.
This invitation is sincere and it will be our pleasure to receive you, you and your friend of course!.
Get Leo, our best memories.
Danielle and Jean-Pierre Jousse

Intention to Leo GONG

**Intention to Leo GONG  **

We remember fondly our trip to China. we
Special thanks to our national guide Leo GONG which by its
kindness, his willingness and kindness made ​​our stay very pleasant.

Again thank you and may be a future stay: it remains as
to do and see in China!
Helen and Raymond Défossé ** **


For Léo Gong

As promised some news from Switzerland, we spent six weeks in China great. Again thank you for your services were great, we had lots of fun.
Here we have snow, but it should be less severe than your polution we saw on television that it was not very gay at home. Hoping you are well, we will send you
queques memory. Friendship. Chantal and Christine
ps. Other pictures follow


Photos to Léo Gong

Hello Leo

As promised, you will find attached a few pictures to remember our trip to your country through China. We will keep good memories of all our trips... And we thank you again for your kindness and for all your prevention. we' ve also attach photos to your colleagues Sophie, and Li. I count on you to send their.


Patrick and Genevieve