Great discovery of the country

Hello Julien Cheng,

We are back in our country, France ... with beautiful memories in mind.

Hélène, we resumed our work well, already Friday again on our little cloud ...

We still wanted to thank you for everything you did for our trip goes in excellent conditions, for all that you gave us during our stay, your availability, your great culture, your sincerity and your humor.

Thank you for this great discovery of the country, and good luck to you.

Valerie Etienne, Antoine and Charlotte


Julian, thank you for everything! For your skills, your kindness and protection.
We are Nancy where our children live. We return to Lyon tomorrow.
Jean-Pierre and Marie-Jo Daumard



we finally returned to Frankfurt on Tuesday with two flights. Lufthansa has apologized for the incident in Beijing and we chartered a bus back to Mulhouse Tuesday night. Thank you again for your response and the quality of your work.



Travel in China, coucou from France

Hello Julien,
It is currently 3:15 am in China.
It's already 17 days we returned to France.
We all took our occupations keeping fond memories of our trip to China and we will have said, largely thanks to our guide, that is to say thanks to you Julien.
You have succeeded in making our discovery passionnante.Nous China were impressed with your knowledge of our French language and we enjoyed your kindness and patience with our group. You were not stingy with information on both your historical knowledge on the present life of your country.
Christiane told me she sent a mail and you transmettais me your hello, I thank you.
You certainly have a lot of work right now because the tourist season is in full swing.
This weekend there is much talk of China with the news unfortunately for you this terrible earthquake in the Sichuan region.
If you come to France, as you told us in about 2 years think your "Fan Club" will welcome you with
your family.
We wish you a good continuation.
Best wishes from me and that of Patrice.

Hello from Montpllier

Hello Julien,
Hopefully, we arrived yesterday in good conditions in Montpellier. We will resume our normal life after a great stay in your country. And we have very good memory shared moments.
I send you a picture of the "bunch of girls" and the "bunch of guys" that we had so much laughter!
Thank you again for what you did for all of us and your kindness.