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Photos family vacation HENRI

From: Henri René
Date: 07/10/2013 3:10 p.m.
Subject: Photos family vacation HENRI

For the attention of François YANG

With a little delay, and once again many thanks for all your kindness.


Agnès & René Jules

Thank you for your patience and kindness

Date: March 30, 2013

To: Mr. Yang (Francois), tourist guide

Sender: Joel Clemencon

Dear Sir,

Above all, thank you for your patience and kindness which largely contributes to the smooth running of the trip, the pilot of a group of French n is probably not the easiest thing ...

Of course we have been sensitive to the beauty of your country, its economic and industrial essort made our admiration.

However, the strongest moments which will remain in our memories serious, are some contacts, even superficial, that we had with the people.

One thing we admire other French is the pleasure that Chinese has to be in the streets to sing, play, dance, gymnastics, in all serenity.

Penetration in two Chinese houses, was the still, although two brief highlights of our trip.

Having lived in France shortly, I appreciate the your possession which is our language, and I am also surprised by the number of expressions that you know french, which I believe does not learn s al school.

Regarding the group's return to France, to reassure you that I can say landing and relaunching Frankfurt went well.

The airport landing al lyon s is too smoothly, so couples Gerard and Marie-Louise Lombard, Francoise and Salvator Bulat and Florence (Marierose) and I have arrived in port.

Do not forget our proposal, the future will tell, s may prove very useful to be: you are cordially invited you and even your wife, to come and stay with us in our house, as long as you see fit. We host it and invite you to share our table throughout this period. We will be happy to accommodate you.

Waiting to see you, Mr. receive our cordial greetings.

PS: The next time the "big vadrouillle" revert to the TV, I'll watch the film thinking to you and all who appreciate Chinese French comedians!

Thank you for Francois--Groupe automobile club novembre 2012

Ni hao francois and thank you for this discovery beijing, we keep a memory delicious, harmonious and eternal!!

with all our friendly,